• Girl fight! I love this ad from Hysteric Glamour.

  • I love this illustration! Fun house of girls! I am not exactly sure where I scanned this from, but it’s been on my comptuer forever. I think it’s from a friend’s vintage Avant Garde magazine from the 70s.

  • I may be a bit hung over, but I’m still hustlin’…. @zeina10002 as a pinup!

  • Dimanche soir: Dirty drawings x tea. Thinking of you @smnasser

  • Kiss me like one of your French girls! #lichtenstein #pompidou

  • Letterotica! My erotic coloring books are now sold at Shag Shop @weloveshag and Desert Island Comics @desertislandcomics in Brooklyn! Get ‘em while they’re hot!

  • Letterotica!!! First small run of my Erotic Alphabet Coloring book! J is for “Jealous by excited”

  • My dream come true! A mobile studio that all fits in my @madewell1937 tote! Ready to hit the road! Are you ready for me world?